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Measuring powder??

Is there an easy way to set up your reloading bench to measure powder?

I have mine set up, with the bottom of the powder measure about 2" from the pan on my beam scale. Every time that I throw a charge, a little pit splashes out of the pan. Thoughts?


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    They are really meant to drop powder into the brass, not an object that is not in oclusive seal with the mouth of the dispense/drop tube. I always use the brass as a measuring vessel because of the reasons you mention. There are electronic measures and tricklers that will cut down the steps, but they are a pricey solution.

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    [8D]Yea dcloco, I think I told you earlier that I use the PACT digital scale and a powder trickler to get each load(IMR 4895/4831/4198/AA2230c/UNIQUE)-the Pact maintains consistence in all the powders, no matter what their physical shape.I used to use the Lee powder measure, but what a PITA-so I just went and got the PACT from Midway.RELIEF.[:o)][:o)][:)][:D]

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    I just take the pan off my scale every time I weigh a charge. Yes it is one more step, but it keeps things a little cleaner.
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    Thanks for the info. I am reloading for better accuracy in my Savage 12FVS-see this thread -

    ...not "volume" loading. Most of the reloading that I will be doing is due to the need to lessen the cost and get better accuracy.

    Tonight, I loaded 100 rounds for the Savage - cost...$22. Includes primers, bullets, & powder. Took a couple hours. So, for the naysayers on the other thread...I still made $25/hour...and got better quality ammo for my rifles.
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    if throwing by hand, you'll need to verify each load on the scale. I hold the pan right up tight to the drop tube, and then lower it after the charge is thrown. THEN I verify the charge on the scale.

    I use the digital scale/dispenser for all match accuracy work,..but for non-customs for 100-200yds etc I throw charges as long as it is ball powder or small extruded grain powders.

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    My RCBS powder dispenser throws charges consistently if ball powder, to .01 grain, good enough for any work I do. Otherwise, I would invest in an electronic scale and perhaps trickler, though I don't have one of those yet.

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    Thanks for the info!
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    I use a case of the particular caliber I'm loading and after weighing several charges, I grind the case to that size to use for a dipper under the measure. I welded a little handle on the side and it works great for checking while I'm seating or depriming. Just run it under the measure, pour it into the pan, wait 3-5 seconds, and it's go or no-go.
    I use a Lee Safety scale to verify my PACT digital scale, which verifies my loads through the Lee Perfect Powder Measure. This combo is capable of +/- .1grain accuracy.
    If you're throwing charges by hand, one at a time; you need to develop a rhythm that neither jars the measure on the up- or-down strokes, makes a full pull both ways, and is as smooth and consistent pull-to-pull as you can be. Make sure your measure is at least 3/4 full to get an even pressure on the powder column.

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  • dclocodcloco Member Posts: 2,967
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    Thanks for the info...again!
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