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just wondering if anyone can tell me are mcmillan stocks as great as they say they are? Im looking to buy a A5 model for my mark 5 but just wanted some inputt from everyone to see if it was my best choice. thanks again to everyone that has helped me so far


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    McMillan is indeed one of the best fiberglass stocks on the market today. The A5, if it's inletted for the Mark V, would be a good choice for a heavy barreled, long range rifle.

    The two things that I think you should be aware of are:

    It is a methodical use stock which means it is not a normal hunting carry stock and will not do well in a snap shooting situation.

    Lead time for most of the McMillan line is approaching 5 to 6 months. It's just one of the drawbacks to molding hand-laid fiberglass stocks.

    You can also look into:

    H-S Precision

    Bell and Carlson

    Manners Stocks

    There are more and more as time goes on so do a search for some of the other lesser known manufacturers.

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