I would like to start reloading.45 acp, 40 s&w,38's. I have reloaded shotgun shells but never any brass. What would I need? I am starting from scratch with everything but the brass.


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    Start with a good data book, most have all the instructions that you will need for loading. For pistol carbide dies are the ticket. I use an RCBS little dandy powder measure but I still check it with a scale once in a while. A deburring/champhering tool is good to have. If you shoot a lot a progressive press would be nice, I just use my single stage for everything rifle/pistol, its a lot slower but I have the time. I flash hole uniform all my brass with the Lyman tool. Use a loading block, inspect powdered cases for double or missing charge before seting bullets on them.
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    Dillon 550 with extra tool heads. Problem solved!!![:D]
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    +1 on carbide pistol ties.

    Load up on bullets, lead will shoot great through all three calibers, unless you have polygonal rifling in the automatics.

    Small pistol primers for the 38 and 40, large for the 45.

    Alliant unique or hodgdon Clays are two popular powders, and all three cartridges have data available using this powder. You could buy a 4lb keg and save some money.
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    No way you can reload with hair like that!!!!!!
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