7x57 loads please

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I've been shooting a little Ruger 77 in 7x57 for a couple of years, and I've decided to do a little more with it. I loaded a bunch of left over stuff a couple of years ago, Barnes, Sierra, Speer, with some H450, mostly cleaning up the stuff I wasn't using in the .280 Anyhow, I've shot 9 or 10 deer with this little 7x57, and I like it.
The twist is 9 1/2 inches, so using Greenhill's formula, I've picked up some Sierra 170 grain Round nose bullets, should be close to a complimentary match. I'd like to send these little bullets out at 24 or 2500 fps. Anyone have some pet loads? I'm thinking of H414 or 4350 for powder, thought I would check with you foks first.
I dont load real fast, I'm still using an old Hollywood press, a Belding and Mull powder measure, Ohaus scales, you know, just the basics.


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    I shot highpower matches for quite a few years with the 7x57 and most of my loads were with H-414 or Winchester 760. (same powder)
    Bullet weights under 150gr will respond to powders in the same range as 4895, those over that weight seem to favor powders in the burn range of 4350. All in all, it's hard to find a "bad" load listed for the 7x57.
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    Welcome to the forum! this is my "new" favorite cartridge.

    The best load I have found for accuracy in my 7x57 is 46 gr. of VV N160 behind a 168 gr. Berger. You would have to work up to that to verify. I've also used that load behind 160's and another grain for 154 gr. Hornady's. My other 1-12" twist 7x57 uses 45.5 gr. of VV N150 for 139 and 140 gr. bullets. I also used H4350 with that and did very well with just under 2700 fps. I have been working with H4831 SC extreme as of late but will abondon that after this last pound of powder is gone as I don't get the velocity from it that I do from VV N160.
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    My best results with a Mark 10 Interarms 7x57 was using 140 grain Nosler Ballistic Tips with H414. Carefull loading will get about 2850fps from a 24" barrel. Currently I've been using some 154 grain Hornady SST's with IMR 4064 but this load is not quite as accurate as I would like. I just happened onto a real deal on the bullets and they work ok. They are not up to the performance of the previous load.
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    Thanks, folks, and thanks for the welcome.
    Most of my shooting the last 15 or so years has been obsolete cartridges, like the .45-100, .38-55, .25-35, .25-25 stevens, all built on original highwalls and lowwalls. Somewhere I learned the stuff that works well for me, like heavy, slower bullets that are very accurate. I got a deal on the 170 grain Sierras, but also have some 150 grain Game kings. With the loads above, and a little experimenting, I'm sure I'll find something that works very well.
    And to think 10 years I didn't even give this caliber much thought. It is fast becoming a favorite, and I haven't even given it a good chance yet. In the last two years, like I said,I've shot 9 or 10 deer with it, only one ran a few yards, a poor shot on my part. Was shooting doubles, shot him a little behind my usual placement.
    Again, thanks for the help, I will try out some of these loads.
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    Use either the 160 gr nosler partition with 4350...starting at 42 gr and working up to a max of 45 grs or a 175 gr nosler partition with 4350 starting at 41 grs and working up to 44 grs max. outstanding bullets. your 7x57 will take no second seat with this powder or bullet pair.
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