What dies do you use? and .454 help

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Let me start off by saying how easy it is to forget a shellholder at the store, when you buy RCBS dies and are used to LEE[}:)]

So much for loading up some stuff for my baby the day I got her....
my new Ruger Super Redhawk Alaskan[:p]

Anyhow I went back and now am all set up. However when i ran the new casings through the full lenght sizer I noticed that the die did not straighten all the way down to the base(is this normal for RCBS?). Next when I went to the expander die, after setting it up like the dir. said, it flared the case mouth, as well as making the case look pregnant. Through trial and error I got everything set up to my liking, no help from RCBS, except for that damn sizer.

These are my first non-Lee dies. I was not impressed, and I am more than likely going to scrap them and just pick up a set of Lee carbide.

Has anyone ever experienced anything like this, and/or do you swear by a brand.

In RCBS' defense, most of my gear is theirs, and one purchace which I wish I made long ago was their micrometer for the powder measure. Talk about time saving!

I'll post pics soon.



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