.455 webley reloading supplies.

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Do you guys know of anywhere I can buy .455 webley reloading dies, brass, primers, and bullets along with loading charts.

In addition to the stuff above I would also like the stuff to .45 auto rim.

Thanks guys.

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    Can't help you with the webly, but the AR brass uses the same dies/components/data as the 45ACP (different shellholder however)

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    Try Buffalo arms for the Webley stuff and it's possible Starline is making 45 auto rim brass. Grafs and sons is another place to look.
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    Hornady is, or recently was, selling reasonably priced ($50.00 Cdn/100,in Canada) new made .455 Webley Mk. II brass which takes standard Large Pistol primers; Lee make an inexpensive carbide die set in .455 Webley; and as the Webley bores are around .455" in diameter, the Lee .456" 220 gr. conical bullet mold meant for the Ruger Old Army is supposed to work well in the Webleys.
    I don't have their Catalog handy, but I imagine it should all be available through Midway.
    Regards, DaveF.
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