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Am looking for anew rifle in.22-250 or .220 Swift. Whats your all's opinion the two calibers? Robert


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    Have owned several 22-250's and have never had any problem acquiring brass or had any problems with the accuracy of this cartridge. It is only slightly behind the swift as far as velocity but that's only because the swift uses more powder. You will find fans in great numbers on both sides of the fence when it comes to these two excellent cartridges. Either choice will serve quite well on varmints/predators. Personally I favor the 250.

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    I bought the swift. I like the speed if I need it,..and can load it down to 22-250 levels,.so I have the best of both worlds.
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    I have both, like both. Both of mine are 1-14", so shoot the same bullet weights. Most folks seem to favor the 22-250 for slightly longer ranges, the Swift for slightly flatter trajectory and higher velocity. I slmost alternate shooting them... don't have a real preference between the two.

    All other things being equal, its probably a rifle preference... which comes up better, feels best... things like that.
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    I only own the 22-250. I don't own a chronograph so I only have an idea of the velocity but it shoots groups like this consistantly. Obviously, I am VERY happy with it!

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    I prefer the .220 Swift. It has the ability to go higher than the .22-250. That said you can shoot the barrel out of either. Both can be as accurate as far out as you can call the wind. Either though, will suffice for a hyper-velocity .22 cal rifle.
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    I personally prefer the Swift, mainly because I shot one alot growing up. I have one with a 1-12" twist that I sometimes shoot 60gr Nosler partitions out of at larger than varmit size critters if I get a shot of opportunity while varmit hunting. It will put down deer and feral hogs very well. The Swift is a little better with heavy bullets due to the powder capacity (although not my preference for a hunting round it will get it done).
    My advice is if you are a fairly serious handloader go with the one you like, but if you are buying factory ammo go with the 22-250. It's a no brainer due to the selection availible for the 22-250 vs the Swift.
    Most people are probably better off with the 22-250, and I've never known it to let anyone down. It's still about as fine a varmit round as there is after all these years................
    Good luck whatever you decide [^].
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