Modifying an AR-15 clip

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Has any one ever modified an AR-15 clip to work in a mini 14 or is there any chance at all it might work?


  • NwcidNwcid Member Posts: 10,674
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    Well drilling the hole in the front would be no problem.

    Adding the lug to the back of the mag might be an issue.

    There was a company about 8-10 years ago made a combo mag that fit both.

    Since Ruger is selling factory mags again I see less of a point. I know they are not cheep, but they WORK unlike most of the aftermarket stuff.
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    Thats kind of my thought Nwcid, the hole is no problem, and i think I might have a solution to the lug. The Ruger mags that work best are Ruger proprietary. I am just kicking around the idea of an AR clip since they are so readily available, Thanks for the input.
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    Ram line made mags that were supposed to work in Mini's and AR's, I have 2 or 3 new in pkg ones that I bought during the 'panic buys' of Clinton. Never used them so I can't say how they work, being RAMLine probably poor side of good to great. So to answer your question, yes it could be done but why bother?
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