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I have been reloading for two years now and just had Dan Dowling build me a rifle 6mmbr with a .272 neck and is for lapua brass and have read many different opinions on neck tension. i was thinking of using 267 and 268 bushings for neck sizing. just wondering if this sounds right with all the experts out thier. and with a no turn neck, do you think that i should stsrt away from the lands? and if so, a .015/.020 jump. all i'm needing is a good place to start.

any pet loads you may have i would appreciate the information for powder/primer bullet combos. the rifle is a 26" hart 700 rim action 1 in 8 twist


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    I use about .002 neck tension and it works for me. Using a 105 grain A-Max pushed by 30.3 of Varget lit by a CCI SRM primer seems to make one itty-bitty hole out of my 8-twist 6BR.

    It also shoots 80 Berger FB's real well using 31.3 of Varget, same primer.

    All of my loads are just touching or use a .010 jamb into the lands for best results.
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    Double check the neck size, in a few cases a .272 neck is a bit tight..
    Usually a bushing .002 or less is a good spot to start...
    .267-.268 is way to loose for a .272 neck... a .270 is good......
    I like RL-15 with the heavy bullets, but Varget is good along with a lot of others..
    Hard to not get a 6br to shoot with about any normal powder.....
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    thanks for the info but I am still unclear or what bushings I should *. the factory spec. is .2705 od with it loaded so .02 smaller than the spec .268? the other .272 is my neck id of my rifle to clear for case expansion of two thousands? so would a .268 .267 be too lose or to tight? as a .270 sounds too lose? and brass sping back?
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    .002" is plenty of neck tension

    I would buy a .267 and 268 bushing to see which makes better accuracy
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    Nothing to be unclear about, you mentioned a .272 neck, so if you use a .270 bushing you will take the neck to .270 and have .002 room in the neck area until it's fired...
    Usually the best way is to deduct .002 from the diameter of a loaded round and use that for the bushing size.. Also as JustC stated a few bushings lower in size can help with accuracy
    sometimes.. Even .001 tension theses days can be a eye opener.... that would need a .271 bushing but you'll need to keep a sharp eye on the neck thickness.....
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    thanks guys for the info. I finaly got back ahold of my smith and he told me to start with .269 and go to .268 and .267 as the brass ages as it will thin a little and that if I take my rifle hunting to use .267, but the .268 is the one I will use the most. so friday I * what I need. Thanks again and good shooting
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