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A couple of questions:

First, I bought a set of Deluxe All American dies. The resizing die body appears to have a core material covered by a layer of steel on the outside. Is this a carbide die set?

Next up. I recently purchased a Lyman 310 tool. I believe that the Lyman TruLine or Junior dies will screw into the 310 tool. However, will the TruLine or Junior function in the 310 tool? I suspect not but would like confirmation before buying dies.


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    If the AA dies are for a straight-walled pistol cartridge, it likely IS a carbide die; is it marked "TC"?

    The Tru-Line dies will work in the 310 tool, after a fashion; however, the Tru-Line set lacks the priming die the 310 rerquires.
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    Thanks. I checked and the the die is marked "TC" and for a straight walled cartridge (38 S&W). So I do have a carbide set.

    Your info on the tru line dies will narrow my search and save from making a mistake.

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