.458 "Light" loads

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Haven't even really started the transaction yet, but I have a .458 Winchester on the way! [:D] So...

...what are some decent reduced loads or light loads that either you guys have had luck with or the manuals list. I know that nothing is really light on recoil with a caliber like this, but I want something that I can at least stand a few rounds of at the range, to become familiar with the rifle. Thanks much in advance,



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    The best start for this adventure would be to get a copy (used is perfect) of the Lyman Reloading Manual. It contains cast bullet loads and lighter loads for several cartridges.

    I suggest using a lighter bullet like a 350 grain over milder charges of powder. Then use a filler such as Cream of Wheat or this one from Midway:


    Remember that a filler has to be taken into account when determining a load.

    Another method is to use a 'fluffy' powder such as:

    Accurate 5744

    IMR SR-4759

    These powders take up some of the additional space in larger capacity cartridges but yield a milder combination.

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    Have you considered cast bullets?

    I have a 458 3.25" (basically a 45/70 with the chamber lengthened to 3.25" so that it will chamber 45/120 Sharps cases). These cases have more capacity than the 458 Win. but I find that maximum 458 Win. Loads are about as high as I want to go.

    I have used 26 grs. of Trail Boss with 405 gr. cast bullets for a pleasant to shoot practice load.

    Given the smaller capacity of the 458 Win. you might want to use a little less powder. IMR could probably give you a suggested load.
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    You can be sure that any load listed for a 45-70 trapdoor springfield will be a "light" load in a 458. I like 4759.
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    I have been using Acc 5744 in my 458.

    Good accuracy, as much or little recoil as you want.
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