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Arizona results are out we have 7 Bull tags this year. Can't wait for November.


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    Hi guys. Never posted on the bow side before. Been bowhunting/ hunting in general for about 10 years. I'm looking for an archery elk hunt that won't get me divorced. We're on a budget. This is a first time hunting trip for me and a few friends, so I'm doing the research for next year. I'm sure some of you live in elk country or know of some good spots. I'd like to hear your opinions, as this is all new to me. Thanks.
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    taco just got back from an elk hunt, hopefully he will have some input for you. I've never been myself. Welcome to the archery side
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    An over the counter public land tag in CO runs about $500 for a non-resident. I think CO is your best bet for bringing home some meat wihout breaking the bank. To get into a unit with BIG bulls will take 10-15 years. But an over the counter tag in units 70,60,62, or 65 can be had every year and have success rates of around 15%.
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    Yup go to Colorado[;)][:)]
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