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I am a rancher and outfitter in South Dakota. I am going to open up the home place for Bow hunters ONLY.I am going to offer the hunts on gunbroker as soon as I have the new pics.It will be for whitetail or mule deer. I would like to know of any forums that could help me get this info to the guys taht would be interestad. It would be great hunting for new bowhunters with out tons of time in the woods,all the hard work is done.It is also for guys on a budget.I have to many deer on this place.I am not trying to sell it here . I know it is late to book A hunt.But would like to know what Bowhunters think.Thanks for any help or info


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    My eyes seem to be getting progressivly worse close up I am fine lond distance. I wear reading glasses.

    Here is my problem. I was shooting last night after work and when I look through my peep the three pins are so close that they are blury- fuzzy quite a bit. I can wear my glasses, but then the target down range would be blury. any one else dealing with this... Tough to get old. I'll tell ya.[:(]
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    well Im headed to North dakota already, I would try having a small web site made if it were me I think it would be much more effective.
    best wishes.[;)]
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    I agree with Buckey....websites the way to go. Id be interested myself. Shoot me an e-mail with some details. Thanks
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    Any speed goats on your place?
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