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    I can't say I know too much about that bow but I would say any bow for a price like that is okay especially for someone starting out. Have him use if for a while and see what he likes and doesn't like about it and then go from there. A bow doesn't necessarily have to be expensive to be good. As long as the draw weight is around 50+ it will be fine for whitetails.

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    I have to agree with slash. $75 for a new bow, is good. Bows seem to depend more on the shooter, than a shooter will depend on a bow.

    Make sure he has, good sights, a good rest, and a good release.

    Take the bow to a bow shop when you buy arrows, have them double check/adjust the anchor point.


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    my hubby has a buckmaster that he uses to shoot tourny with it is a decent bow for someone learning as someone else said make sure he has a good rest and sights it should work fine for him
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    Agree $75 is a good price...good luck and welcome

    1 shot is all ya get so make it a " SUREKILL " (T/C Encore-/-Contender/ MATHEWS SWITCHBACK Shooter)
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