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Finally got back out this morning and got a doe. Nothing special about her but still my first deer with my bow.

Deer season ends here on the 15th. I swear that hogs are much more fun to hunt. The deer just are not moving down here this year. We have had a bumper crop of acorns and jump hunting seems to be the only way to go this year.

Anyway I will be happy when all the deer hunters are back out of the woods so I can go back to hog hunting. I know that some here wont understand that but down here our deer are small and it is just different then up north or in the mid west. I am just better located for hogs than for deer.

I hope all is well with everyone....see y'all later


Ben... left you a couple msgs on that dog. The dog was the one on his 3rd strike not the owner. Sorry to say that it does not look good for him. He is still under the court system. I will let you know if he gets by. If you need me to I will pull him but I cant keep him at my house with his bite record so I dont know what I could do outside of a boarding facility. I cant take the chance with Kristen. You know how to reach me if you have any questions. I have pics of him if you want to see him.


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