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I recently bought a used bow off the internet. It was Mathews Z-Max and had everything I was looking for, EXACTLY. It came with a Cobra Sight, but some of the screws were rusted. Needless to say by the second time out I managed to strip them. So last week I went out and bought a new Corba sight. I am new to bows and heard that I should set my pins at 20,25,30 yrds. After getting it right on at 10 I moved back to 15, then to 20, and finally to 25. I'll be damned if there isn't only a difference of 1/2" every five yards. So from 15 to 25 yrds. I only need 1 pin. The only thing is that at 25 yards, it shoots about 3 inches to the left. Is there anything I can do about this or just aim a little farther right? Also, what you then recommend me setting my other 2 pins at? The guy at the range said to go with 10 and 35/40 yards. Let me know what you think.


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    Hi quamnet. Heard nothing but good things about Mathews so far. My first suggestion is to check your arrow rest. May have to move it in or out a little. Three inches at 25 yrds. won't require much. Canting your bow will cause this also. Make sure you are holding the bow vertical. New bow with a different grip feel is easy to hold slightly off vertical without knowing it. Good luck and enjoy your new bow...
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    Can you consistently hit a 9" pie plate, every time, from a tree stand or on the ground at 25 yards? If you can, you're ready to hunt with that bow. 3" either way, if you can stay in that 9", isn't a big deal. That's the one shot kill zone on a deer. Don't take a shot beyond the range you can't consistently hit the 9" plate. Take the rusty sights off and put on a sight that you can hit that plate.
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    Thanks for the help and suggestions, I will look into them. Also, when hunting from a tree stand is there anything different you should do when shooting? I thought I remember hearing that with shooting on the angle so far down the arrow has a tendency to shoot lower or higher than you aim. Is it true and if it is which one is it high or low? Thanks again
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    Anytime you shoot Up OR Down you will strike high but at bow ranges I'd be more concerned about the angle of the shot.

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    Just remember that out of a tree the distance becomes longer because of the right triangle principle. Also, I would suggest aiming about a third of the way up on a deer vitals. The deer tend to lower the instant you release your arrow so this should help compensate. Sealyon is right on the money as far as your rest.
    Good Luck!

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    One of the most common mistakes made when someone first starts hunting out of a tree stand is lowering there bow arm instead of bending at the waist to shoot downward. Keep your bow square to your shoulders and bend at the waist to shoot. Lowering your arm will cause you to shoot low every time.
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    The pie plate principle is the best one to go by. Sealyon is dead on when talking about your rest. But, I would not worry about the extra length of a shot when you are in a tree. The pythagorean theorem (explained in the dictionary or an encyclopedia) shows that.......On a 30 yard shot you have to be approximately 23 feet high in a tree to make just 1 yard of difference. That is next to nothing. I seriously doubt that will ever effect your shot critically. One problem that I have in a tree is judging distance. I just can't do it without putting out a few markers. The higher I get the harder it becomes. But I use a pendulum sight to take care of that, and I always practice from my roof(in true redneck style).
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