Anyone start shooting yet

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Ive been shooting for about 2 weeks now. Tonight I went over to a friends house and He looke at my rest and says we have a problem. So a few turns of an allen wrench and I start shooting again. Just by "adjusting" the rest a little And i turn into Robin hood[:)]. I might reconsider getting the new bow I was looking at now. I think My old one might last another year. O and some advice those deer targets are alot more fun to shoot at than hay bales


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    I dont have a bow!!! Left it at home and my brother uses it now, SOB!!! And yes, the deer targets are better to shoot at. You should buy one and practice shooting at it from your tree stand. The higher up you are the farther the target, so sight in from where you are shooting from. Good luck this season everyone!!
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    I shoot in a little bit of a league year round. I shoot about 300-350 arrows a month. I usually shoot a round of 50 twice at the shoots. And about 150 in practice and 50 more refining tricky shots. I have not yet perfected some of those "thread the needle" shots the range master thinks are funny. 257

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    Usually get started up in February, this year I was a bit late(April) due to new house and baby. I shoot 18 shots a day- 9 in the morning, nine at night-seems to be going well-sure that will change z couple of weeks before the season starts.

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