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I want to start shooting with a release. My question is which style, gated or caliper? Im not even sure about the gated term name. It looks like the caliper will wear on the string or loop as it releases but the gated could possibly force the string off center. I want to limit costs to about $60. I like the pistol grip such as the Winn free flight C-10. Which way do I go?



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    I use a fletchhunter release, which I have had a long time. It works great. I have two models, one that works by putting it around your wrist and one that you actually use by holding it with your hand. They both have a trigger type release, which is great. The trigger is smooth, and does not take much to send the arrow down range. Just keep your finger on the back side of the trigger while drawing the bow back, or you will send an arrow into the stratosphere!! Just try a few out and if you dont like them return em. Trial and error. I'm sure there are a million makes and models.
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    I have one i got for 30 bucks. it has a wrist strap and I like it. prolly couldnt shoot without it.

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    The "gated' type you mention will definately cause the string to go off center. I used to use one, until I did a paper test-the holes were a mess-Switched to a caliper, and they were perfect. I would reccomend the type that goes around the wrist, rather than the type that you hold in your hand.

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    I started shooting a Carter ONE-SHOT last year. It has a better trigger than any gun I've ever shot. You'll pay big $$ for it (compared to most), but it is the only one you'll ever have to buy. Check 'em out. They're pretty cool.
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