Hunting with crossbow?

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How many of you hunt with a crossbow? I realize that most states don't allow it but who does hunt with one? And what kind do you have and are you happy with it. I own a horton and like it very well. Has been a good bow and shoots very well![:D][:D]

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    I recently gave my nephew a ten point cross bow to use this year, so far it seems to be a decent crossbow. Gave that to him to use after I got it from my neighbors garage sale. [:D]

    I have a horton crossbow, model?, somewhere. I'm not sure what friend I loaned it to, but I'm sure it's in good hands. [:0]

    I got two buddies that I hunt with some and they both shoot crossbows. Both own hortons to. The one just bought a new one a year maybe two ago. He had lots of limb problems with it at first.

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    Only persons' that are handicapped can get special permit to hunt with a crossbow in my state.
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    Just got a PSE archery crossbow last Christmas! Shoots very nice, and the pistol grip is a very nice feature!!
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