What release?

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The only shooting I've ever done with a bow is the recurve I have but now I've been given a compound and want to start shooting it. Never used a release before and just wanted some opinions of a good one. I've been told Scott makes good releases. They have one called the Mongoose that looked like it might be good. Any opinions would be appreciated. Thanks


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    I have a Scott Caliper grip release, and relly like it. I have tried a couple of other releases and have came back to the Scott release both times. I have used mine so much the layerd that goes around your wrist has cut through the rubber grip. I drilled another hole in the rubber grip and started shooting.

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    I shoot a fletchhunter release there is nothing wrong with a grip release but I find that it is easier to torque the bow string with it. Look into the fletchhunter release my dad has been shooting his for 20+ years now very reliable and very strong.
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    Carter One-Shot. Their hunter releases are absolutely awesome. I've got a better trigger on my release than I have on almost all of my guns.

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    I use a Carter One-Shot myself and really like it. Never had a malfunction with it.

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