Parker Compound Bow

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Probably a little late to be askin' this now, but I am new to archery just bought my first bow and wanted to get some feedback from anyone who is using a Parker compound bow. I bought the Hunter-Mag package. I really like it seems to do the job.


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    I have a 2000 feather mag. Love it, no complaints.

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    Thanks Salzo, I appreciate the feedback. My buddy shoots a PSE and this Parker is the one the guy at Sportsmans Warehouse recommends. It is funny if I was gonna buy a new rifle or shotgun there would be no question in my mind what I would get but I felt plain dumb with all the choices and brands.

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    A friend of mine just bought the same Parker bow you are looking at. He loves it, very accurait and smooth to shoot. The local bow shop owner and his son both shoot compatition with Parker bows. They do quite well.

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