mathews conquest 2

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I am looking for a Conquest 2. I had one and traded it in on a Ultra 2 and now I wish I had it back. I want the 70 pound limbs. And would love a 30 inch draw but I can change the cam if needed. I have not tried any of the newer Mathews bows, but if one of you guys would like to give input it would be welcome. Thanks.


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    I have a Q2 and love it. Its quiet and smooth. I have a freind that recently bought an Outback, He said it is awesome, his son stood next to him with his eyes closed and said the only thing he heard was the click of the release and the arrow hittin the target.
    I didn't have much to compare my mathews to though, my old bow was just that old, like to rattle your teeth when you shot and had maybe a 30% let off. Like going from a chevy to a dodge[:0][:D] I mean a yugo to a cadillac without testing anything else. Depending on what you want to spend you may go shoot some other brands AR, Bowtech and that Cabelas PL1.5 are supposed to be real comparable to the Mathews. And the new PSE Viper, or maybe it was Venom, which ever it was it looks like a nice peice of equipment as well. Just my .02 lots of other more knowledgable guys on here though. Good luck on your search, let us know how it comes out.

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