So how was your day?

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ENOS and I got together today and had a really fun day, We shot a little bit of everything. Bows, shotguns, rifles, pistols and pool. I don't have pics of anything but bows and pool but I thought I would share. Oh and we shot a few beers down too. [:D] Oh for those that don't know ENOS is in the Colorado shirt. [;)] And don't laugh at my basement it is still under construction.

Out the door


Lucky shot

Why do they make it taste so good and put it in them little bitty cans- Dad

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    Here I coulda been shootin arrows and pool at Bangs and all I did was got conned into helping a guy put a heater core in his truck. Some guys have all the fun. If ya'll tell me you played with the kitchen set behind Bang i'm gonna be upset cause I wasn't invited[:D]

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    Ah...Busch, bows, pool, and guns...it don't get any better than that.[:D]

    My day consisted of working around the house, well the basement and garage actually. I took a drive to the gun shop to see if there was anything new and it was closed [V]. I figure Rick was sick or his kid was so that shot that down.
    I just ate a piece of coconut cream pie though, it was gooood. Almost as good as that Busch. [;)]

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    Well He didn't tell about the YOTE he shot at today! And he put up the bad picture of me to get that damn BUSCH sign in the post![:(!][:(!][:D][:D][:o)]

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    Today was good, I saw a deer heard of about 20 and a flock of about 100 turkeys eating by my house. then one of the turks invaded my lawn, to bad the season isnt open or id be bragging about a dead turkey

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    Hard on the side of my head.
    I just learned to stay out of his way.
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    Long nights with the world sittin' on my chest:
    It just showed me how much I could take.
    Hard times, bad luck.
    Sometimes, life sucks.
    That's all right, I'm ok.
    It ain't nothin' but another day.
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    I wish my basement looked like that! If it did I wouldn't have to repaint the wall[V] { I was practising too[:D] }
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    Damn. I went on a road trip Saturday. Was close to Champaign, probably should have called. Bang, you got GPS coordinates on your house?[:D]

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    My weekend sucked. I missed out on the last day of Duck season because I was (still am) sick. David said I didnt need to be out in the cold getting wet. So I got to stay in bed with David and a remote all day.(ok so it was not all bad)

    Hey I like the beer koozie and it was well placed for that picture.

    its all about pucks and bucks
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    I am so ready for another day like that![:(][:(][:(][:D]

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