Effects of wind on arrows.

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Should I expect the same conditions with wind from arrow to bullet or are the changes different?
I am just curious as to the changes in trajectory wind will have on arrow shot placement.


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    wind can effect your arrow flight. I'd say a 35mph crosswind would probably blow your arrow 6-8 inches at 40 yards. a 15-20mph gust isn't quite as noticable, but still destoys my groups. I wouldn't try to dope for it; however, if it's that windy, the deer probably won't be moving much anyway.

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    If you are putting this to a hunting situation. I don't go hunting if the wind is higher then 15-20 miles an hour. For some reason the dear do not move in the wind. There is so much noise in the woods its crazy. So I believe they can't hear or rather determine what is making the noise so they decide not to move about when its windy.
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