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Can you recommend a sight?

amsptcdsamsptcds Member Posts: 679
Preferably a tang site with the right cant that'll work on one of those 1858 Remington Cattleman Carbines? (adj for windage and elevation?) I have one sitting around here with a wobble windage adjustment, but it isn't suitable. When flipped up, it leans too far forward for the angle of that stock.

That buckhorn has to go...

halfway down the stinkin barrel... no class.


  • amsptcdsamsptcds Member Posts: 679
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    Hmmm... I guess no one's tried it?

    I have thought about getting a remington target front and rear sight pair, from the target pistol, and getting the top strap dovetailed to take the sight.
  • BlckhrnBlckhrn Member Posts: 5,136
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  • amsptcdsamsptcds Member Posts: 679
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    quote:Originally posted by Blckhrn
    Look at

    Thanks Blkhorn.

    I've seen those. The problem is that the vast majority of those sights are made for 1874 and "newer" models, the principle problem being spacing between tang screws.

    The additional problem is the angle of the sight when it is popped up. The creedmore (I think it is) that I have stares down at the back of the hammer. It doesn't seem that playing with that spring loaded part that stabilizes it is going to help.

    I guess no one's tried it before.

    This version of that remmie is built like a toy. I would be skittish about drilling another hole in that tang and stock. The spacing is 1 1/4. Most tang sights are longer or shorter than that.
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