? Encore 50 cal pistol configuration

wtroperwtroper Member Posts: 814 ✭✭✭✭
I have a couple of questions for the experts on muzzle loaders. I need to share some background with you & will try to keep it relatively short.

I have very little experience with muzzle loaders. I have am an avid pistol hunter and rarely use anything other than revolvers (41 mag, 45 Colt, 454) for big game hunting. I have the opportunity to hunt elk & deer in Colorado with muzzle loaders this fall. I prefer to use a handgun.

The questions -- has anyone had any experience with an Encore muzzle loader in handgun configuration? If not, how do you think one would perform with a 16" bbl? I have considered the alternatives of purchasing a rifle bbl and having it cut down to 16" or having a custom bbl (probably SSK Industries) made. Which would be your choice?

Thanks for your thoughts.


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