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Stopped my on-line campaign contributions

MPistoneMPistone Member Posts: 106 ✭✭✭

 I have always contributed funds to candidates and propositions I support, but thanks to my parties abuse of sharing my email address I have to stop donating on-line. I’m just fed up with getting emails from every one of my party’s candidates that I’m not interested in, with their hands out, telling me that this election is the most important in my life.  I follow politics / government pretty closely and yes I have contributed to candidates running for office in other states because in the grand scheme of things I also want other states to be well managed. If I wanted to contribute to these other candidates; I would have reached out to them.

These fund raisers (state and national) need to use the analytics they receive and recognize that for every Unsubscribe Me they receive the overall dollar amount of contributions go down. They really are shooting themselves in the foot. 

With the cost of a stamp, I now mail them a check - not my phone number or email address.

That door you just kicked in was locked for your protection - not mine.


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