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Got a car yesterday.....they will deliver it sometime this coming week.

Locust ForkLocust Fork Member Posts: 31,673 ✭✭✭✭

I swear, car shopping is a test.....if you can get through it you should be taught a special handshake that gets you to the front of the line anywhere you go for a day.

This is it....we went wtih another Highlander. Its a 2023 with only 17K miles on it. Its a Limited with dark grey exterior/light grey interior. It is a Limited and they are putting a tow assembly on it...which is why I didn't bring it home. They are going to deliver it whenver its ready...probably Wednesday.

It ended up being $43K....which put me financing just under $30K because after the payoff on the other one I've got around $14K in the end. I just makes me sick to think I almost had that other one paid off and here we are starting from square one again.

I'll be happy to be in MY OWN car again. These past few weeks I've been grateful to have my mother in law's car....but its just not the same as having "your thing" you almost live in to drive around.

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