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What would you do?

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We all believe our faith will get us to heaven but The Bible says that many will be cast down even having performed miracles and casting out demons in the name of Jesus so maybe you missed the point and your faith wasn't enough. So...suppose the rapture comes and you are still know the bible and this is your wake up call. you refuse to accept the mark of the beast because you know it will damn your soul to hell. according to the Antichrist now in control you cannot buy or sell with out the mark. people are hunting you... police have your name on a list.... I could write a book about this call it "Still here"


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    this is a serious question.
    i have a chance to but my dream car, a 2004 dodge viper.
    the price is right, but the mrs says no car loans.
    between the trade in and some cash, i'm still $8K shy.
    the seller will finance the balance at $500/mo with 10% interest if i give him $10k of my guns as collateral. he's trustworthy but the interest rate is high.
    i could just sell $8000 of guns and be done with it, but.......
    guns continue to appreciate and cars depreciate, i know that, but will the guns appreciate more than what the loan costs?
    any accountants out there?
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    I had to got to work this morning to do some paper work. I get home around 11:30 and my dog is trying to tell me something. he is not barking, but he keeps running back and forth to the bedroom. I am thinking to my self you must want out on the back porch real bad.

    So I go back there and open up the blinds to the sliding glass door.

    OH $#!+ what the? The neighbor kid (16-17) is passed out on my back porch,
    and puke ever where.

    After I got him awake, & this kid is drunk real bad (he only missed his house buy about 30 feet) I got him a little cleaned up and walked staggerd him home. His mom was not there at the time.
    I wish not to let it go, he was smart enough not to drive his car.
    But I think the parents should know about it. I have not said anything yet. I think if it was my kid I would like to know pronto!


    God Bless our Troops
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    A little background.

    Several years ago the rancher next to our place had a dog "that just showed up" and adopted his herd of cows. It runs with his herd and is not fed by anyone, however the rancher says he occasionally sets some dry dog food out when the herd is grazing close to his house. If a coyote or any critter like that comes around he raises Holy Hell, barking like mad. I saw coyotes around the herd one time when this happened.

    The dog always had a collar, but no one could get close enough to check it out. It's always been a real curiosity. When cows have come by our camp (rancher leases our land for grazing) I have thrown a hotdog to the dog and he will come up within about 20 feet grab it and run off to eat it.

    Rancher is an ok guy that helps keep an eye on things on our place. (we are 4 hours away)
    We have no grievance with him. He is very happy to have a "stock dog".

    While checking fences this past week, I stumbled onto a dog collar with rabies vac attached. Name of vet with phone number. Last tag was 2004. Which is about the time the dog showed up. (vet is about 30 miles from here.) There are no dogs around here so am pretty sure what dog it came from.


    1. Let vet know so he can contact owner and get dog back after 5 years?

    2. Let rancher keep dog employed as a stock dog? (dog seems to like it)

    3. Throw tags away and not "get involved?"

    I'll let you know how this works out.
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    just had a customer buy a 30 dollar used tire,he handed me a 20 a 5 and i thought 5 ones and left. I had another customer in line so i laid the money on top the cash drawer,when i finished the 2nd customer i was putting the bills in the right spots and the 1st guy gave me a 20 a 5 4 ones and A 50 DOLLAR BILL! The guy is gone we don't get any info from the customers,i hope he comes back but i doubt it he was a mexican. whats a feller to do?
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    You are about to take a short test. It consists of only one question which is very, very important. Don't answer too quickly or without thinking. Answer truthfully and you will test your moral fiber.

    It is an imaginary situation, in which you have to make a decision. Remember, you have to give a spontaneous answer, but it must be truthful.

    (Scroll down slowly to ensure the test is accurate...)

    You are in Florida..... Miami, to be exact.

    You are in the midst of the chaos of tremendous flooding after a hurricane.....

    .....unbelievable amounts of water everywhere.

    You are a photographer for CNN.......

    ....and here you are, in the middle of an historic disaster.

    The situation seems almost without hope.

    You're trying to shoot some great pictures that capture the scene...

    ....while all around you the flood swirls, houses float away, people disappear

    The power of nature is unleashed mercilessly with its all its fury . .


    ...and takes everything with it.

    Suddenly, you see a woman in an SUV....

    She's struggling valiantly not to be swept away by the mass of debris in the flood.

    You wade closer, against an angry current.

    She seems somehow familiar.

    Then you see her--it is Hillary Roddam Clinton!

    Sudden, you notice that the rising flood is about to sweep her away, forever.

    You have to make a choice: Save her, or snap the picture of your career!!!

    Save her, or take the photo that will win you the Pulitzer prize.

    One photo, which records the horrible accidental death of one of the most important women in the world....

    Now, the question (answer truthfully!):

    (scroll down)

    Glossy or matte finish?

    "the difference between the almost right word and the right word is like the difference between a lightning bug and a lightning bolt" - Mark Twain.
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    Got a credit card bill in the mail today for a set of wheels. Looked it over real close, not my car, VIN, tag number not my truck. Tag and VIN goes to a vehicle of someone I know.
    What to do?
    Go to his house and get my wheels?
    Go to the magistrate and sic the cops on his sorry behind?
    Deny the charge on the card and let the credit card folks go after him?
    Not sure how he got my CC number and don't believe this is an honest mistake.
    He can pretty much take me off his list of folks to call for bail money.
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    Lets say I had a roommate. Then lets say he got him an enormous girlfriend that eats up all our food, drinks our beer, and loafs around the apartment making a mess when I'm at work. Would you mention it to him or just tell this manatee how it is.
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    Job/Career related

    My status: I am 32 and the sole Process Controls Engineer at a large and very complex Corn Wet-Milling Plant. We produce 240+ different Starches (industrial and food), molecular and physical modification processes. Our facility is the pride of the North American plants. We grind, dry and pack out 4.5 Million pounds of starch a day. Treat 2.5MM gallons of water, generate power (650# Steam Turbine), 220,000 lbs/hr of steam, 5 - Medium Voltage (4160V) Air Compressors, 8 drying operations, a refinery, etc. Everything from 1200HP Medium Voltage to robotics to tiny animation. Think of me as the Med-Low Voltage Electrical/Software/Automation Engineer for the plant. Both Projects and sustaining. Without sounding too much like a *, my future is pretty bright in my role and with my company.

    Now Back Story:
    In October of last year we had a global meeting. All of my peers from the other plants got together for a week to meet with vendors, discuss standards, issues, network, etc.

    One of the folks is the E&I project Manager for an expansion project in Nantong, China. Our company bought a small facility there in 2014 and we are expanding (equivalent to $30 million). He asked for help on the startup of the plant in the spring. It was to last 3 weeks March into April.

    I volunteered and they asked me to visit for 2 weeks this winter to help set up and confirm proper programming, installation, train them on VFDs, etc. I spent 2 weeks there in mid-December. My role has quickly escalated from "support" to Full Controls Engineer for the project. They've handed me all things Automation and I return Friday for 15 more days. I have been assuming that my last trip (late March) will be my last, and will be for 3 weeks.

    Last week my SVP visited and we were discussing the project. Me told me that on-top of the trips I've been planning, the start up will be 3 months.

    Tori is not really happy with it and I don't want to live in that miserable place for 3 months. Brenly (my 6YO DD) rolls with the punches, it takes a lot to upset her and she's pretty much OK with anything. BUT, I've never been away for 3 months. At the same time, I can't turn my back to it and hand someone else all the work I've been doing (especially since they have no one else).

    I would appreciate some thoughts and insight. I don't want to stall my career and this project is a big deal, both to the company and to my resume. It could also open up projects that need my help in Sweden and the Netherlands. I also have to keep in mind, that it may never stop and I could be travelling 6 months of the year for the foreseeable future.
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    Last month I won an auction for a used H&K USP Compact in 9mm. Shortly after receiving the firearm I was displeased to discover the entire firing pin assembly was missing. There was no mention of this in the item description.

    I immediately contacted the seller through email about the problem. I asked the seller if he was aware of this problem. The seller responded shortly with "??????". I have since attempted to contact the seller again but every email I have sent has been ignored.

    I can't understand why I am being ignored. This seller has exceptional feedback. Before I left my negative feedback there was only one other negative feedback for this seller. The negative feedback the seller had already, seemed to be a misunderstanding where the buyer received the wrong firearm. The seller responded to this feedback explaining that he had since resolved the problem by sending the buyer the correct firearm.

    I have tried the "resolving problems with a seller" page, and it sent me on a wild goose chase without any results.

    Is there anything that can be done or am i stuck with a non working firearm?

    Thank you for your time. Any advice or suggestions would be much appreciated.
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    Watch the whole thing.I have to admit I would leave,if I was with the family.I would stay if with a buddy.
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    If you ran across this during deer season? I think I be too amazed to get a shot off. Awesome animal.

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    My daughter's family has to choose a new health plan. Which would you take and why? Thanks for any help.

    80/20 with a $2000 deductable vs 70/30 with a $750 deductable
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    When i was working i was the lead maintenance person for my department. The Project manager would tell everyone i was the hardest working person he has ever seen. I would work 40 or 50 hours at a time on several occasions to make sure the job got done.

    Well another company offered me the job to be project manager and my boss told me that if i stayed i would get his job when he moved up. When he moved up someone else got the job instead of me. I asked why i did not get the job and he told me that if i got the job who would get the work done. I cussed him out because he went back on his word. He told me i make more money than anyone in the company. Why take a pay cut to be a manager? I told him i have worked harder than anyone in the company. I am out on berevment and you call me to work. I never told you i could not come in and fix something. I told him it was like a slap in the face. Along with lots of cuss words.

    Now i cant work and he has been trying to come see me and i keep telling him i dont feel like company. He always asks my friends how i am doing. Would you let him visit. I guess i am getting soft.
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    I put my Jennings on the auction side. A guy bid and won. After a couple e-mails from him as he was going to go threw with the sale and now I get this e-mail.

    "My FFL would not allow the purchase of a gun with you not being an license
    holder. I am weary about buying arms off the internet from nonlicenesed
    folks. Sure it is legally yours and all, but still. My gun guy said no, so
    i am going to have to pass on it.
    Sorry "

    I hate to totally leave a negetive feedback as I did talk to his FFL on the phone and this FFL does not believe he can accept the gun from a private party. He didn't even believe it was legal for a private individual to ship a gun.

    But on the same token I think the buyer could have found another FFL to complete the sale.

    What would you do?

    Also how do I get the charges lifted from GB since the sale is not going to happen?
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    Last February we noticed that the neighbor's adult son had moved back in with them. The dad said the son was "between jobs." We just found out that the guy had been busted in Houston for soliciting a minor for sex. The problem is that the victim is the same age as my oldest son. I realize that the odds of this guy re-offending so soon after being busted are slim, but I can't help but feel a little uneasy about it.
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    CNN Reports Scientists confirm 100% probability of impact.
    POSTED: 4:54 p.m. EST, January 21, 2007

    (CNN) -- Scientists have confirmed that Asteroid NGS-2007a found hurtling towards Earth has a 100% probability of striking the Asian continent in 43 days. Early reports indicated a near miss but new data shows that it will be a positive impact.

    The United Nations scientific counsel has produced its report showing that the asteroid, 3 miles wide, will land in the central area of Russia. The data reports that all life within 1000 miles will be instantly consumed in the initial blast. The following shockwave and rampant fires will destroy all life on the continents of Asia and Europe as well as the upper third of Africa.

    The ensuing ash, soot, and smoke from the eastern hemisphere will block the sun around the globe for months, if not years. The areas not instantly affected by the impact will face harsh conditions almost immediately. Acid rain will fall around the globe, killing all fish and foilage within a few months. The survivability of mankind is unknown but the outlook is bleak at best.

    At this point, the religious leaders of the world have asked that all mankind pray for our existence in the dark days ahead. World government leaders are pleading with their citizens not to turn to chaos and bloodshed in this trying time. just read this. What would you do? I know that there will be smarty answers and jokes but seriously what would you do? For some reason I've thought about this the past few days...of course I wouldnt go back to one would probably be dangerous to go to cities, probably rampant crime and murders as people use this as an excuse to go crazy. Would you go somewhere you've always wanted to? The beach? Grand Canyon? Dig a shelter (for whatever good that would do)?

    I'm interested in your answers!

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    Went to pickup some venison summer sausage today at the local smokehouse.

    I walked in told the gal my name and after a minute she said sir the total will be $103.01. I gave her 2 $50 bills and a $5 bill, $105 total. She put all 3 bills under the register drawer. I didn't pay much attention cause I was starving and that place always smells great!!

    Anyway I noticed she was counting out quite a bit of $$$ for my change. I immediately thought she must have thought I gave her 3 $50 bills. So I told her mam I think your giving me too much change. So she looked under the drawer and saw that I gave her 2 $50s and 1 $5.

    She looked embarassed then recalculated my change at $1.99, so I gave her a penny and she gave me $2.

    Went home with a smile on my face cause my summer sausage was done 5 days before they said it would be when I dropped it off last thursday.[:p]
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    My dad went to a local medical supply store and bought a raised toilet seat for my mom who recently had a stroke. They asked me to install it and when I got instructions out is clearly states that it will not fit all commodes. Now they will not give him his money back as there policy. They are on a fixed income so I bought it off them.

    I took it down and explained to the employee and asked to talk to owner who had to make the call. Owner would not speak to me. I left the seat there and said its useless to me.

    Question: if you owned the building that overlooks this medical company's parking lot would you put up a sign? [:(!]......what would you do?
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    I am high bidder on a Chevy truck going off on Fleabay today. Seller advertised it as a 5.7 ( 350 cube )Vortec engine. Vin number says it is a 7.4 ( 454 cube ). Just got off the phone and told the guy I did not want the truck since the vin says it is suppose to have a 7.4 in it. I don't want the gas hog 7.4.. He says I am required to purchase it. I think the engine has been changed out..
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    Here is the scoop. We have a little girl in town here. (Town of 1000 people.) She is 7 years old. I have no idea what her parents are doing, but she is running the streets all hours of the day and night. She get into trouble, she will steal my daughters bike and ride it around town. She is in the same class as my daughter. So the info I get from my daughter is that her grandma is supposed to be watching her. I have talked with the local PD and they have had a talk with her mom more than once. I know they are doing thier job, but apparently it's not getting through to her mom. I want to go further with this, but not sure I should. I am afraid that her mother may be a little abusive and might hurt her physically. I do not want to have that happen. I have thought of contacting Child Protective Services, but hate to see dis-located children also. I have a neighbor that thinks I may be a little to strong felt on this issue, and that it's not my problem. What do you all think.

    Sorry my info may be hard to fallow. I am typing and a little pissed right now about all this.
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    Kind of in a bind here. I placed a bid on a 380 Cobray. No reserve auction, starting bid of .01. Even though I bid more than that, as first bidder, that was the initial price. I never gave it another look. Figured I had bid all I wanted, and would be notified if I won. Well, low and behold, I won. For the .01 cent bid! Go figure. Almost immediately I get an e-mail from the seller saying he made a mistake...yadda yadda yadda...meant to list with reserve...yadda, yadda yadda...and would sell me the gun for $500, well above my bid. Whadda ya think?


    Taxation WITH representation isn't so hot either!
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    I have inherited several family heirlooms that derive from my paternal line in South Africa. I was born there, too. I inherited these items from a relative that I did not know existed until shortly before he died. He had no heirs of his own, and no nephews, so he found the youngest male descended from his grandfather (me!) and left the items to him (me!).

    He passed these items to me with the request that I leave them to the next generation's youngest male who bore the family name, whether they be my direct offspring or not.

    I don't expect to make offspring of my own, but my sister has a son who bears the family name. It sounds from my forebear's request that even if I had a son of my own, he would like me to find the youngest male with my surname and pass the heirlooms to him. Suppose that the youngest is my sister's son, or some progeny of his? Would you consider that child to be a valid recipient of the heirloom items?

    My inclination is to include my sister's child. My sister is much more of a purist and actually is advocating eliminating her son from the considerations, because to pass the items to him would be to pass them through a matriarchal, rather than a patriarchal line. In some ways I think she may be right. On the other hand, patriarchy is going by the wayside and also, I'm selfish, and I'd like to pass these items to somebody I know.

    What would you do? Ship the heirlooms back to Africa to a stranger who is a distant relative, or pass them to a nephew or great-nephew who you know--and allow the heirlooms to pass through a matriarchal lineage?
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    Go to this other website and click the video link. I'm too stupid to paste the link here.
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    Posted on another forum (motorcycle).

    I just cut and pasted.

    Say somebody wearing a full face helmet comes up to you after you have just put the keys in the ignition, pulls out a handgun and asks you to dismount and back away and after you have done so, starts the bike and rides away.

    If you are also carrying a handgun, can you legally shoot the thief in the back and kill him, without being prosecuted by the police.

    I know every state has different laws, so this is directed to people who live in one where it is permitted to carry a handgun on ones person.
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    My closest nieghbor has a grown boy. About 24 yrs old.
    Called me at my shop said he needed to see me about something.
    When he showed up he had his deer rifle with him.
    He said he has done something stupid and needed 100.00 bucks.
    Take the rifle and dont tell dad PLEASE!! He said.
    Now...the boy ain't into drugs or booze...I know him and the family very well. I gave him 125.00 for the rifle. I know he has been looking for a job hard and doing side work for everybody in town.
    Reckon I should have a talk with his Pa? He has had that rifle for as long as I have known him. Just can't figure what the young man has gotten himself into. When I asked him, how stupid a thing, he just looked at his feet and said REAL stupid. Real good going.
    What would you do?
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    From another site I visit.


    Delta Firearms & Supplies

    Buy firearms on the installment plan and Play while you Pay.

    [email protected]
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    Ive been married for a little over 7 years now. My wife and I have a three year old together. We cant even be in a room together anymore without fighting. She has made the comment on several occasions that She doesnt care what I want or think. She has also told me to get the F out of her life several times. She is going to live life her way. She even said she knows what she is doing is wrong but she doesnt care. I know she is going through something. She is 31 years old and talks on the phone for hours like she was a teenager. She avoids any responsibility like it was the plague. If she ever has to pick me up from somwhere she averages an hour late. She just says stuff like "oh well, too bad". Her lack of respect thought and responsibility is becoming too much of a burden for me. If it wasnt for my son I would have been long gone. Ive changed/ matured over the last seven years and she just hasnt. She lives in her own little blissfull world that is all about her. Between going to school and taking care of a houshold and her its enough to really make someone crazy. I know some of you had to be in similar situations and Im just wondering what you did and why. Im at the end of my rope on this one. I just dont want to do the wrong thing. Thanks for allowing the vent.

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    1st of all, the areospace job didn't happen. It may have been one of the best interviews of my life, but my lack of recent CMM (coordinated measuring machine)experience kept it from happening.

    So I let a friend who is a manager at WalMart pull a favor and get me a seasonal job in one of the stores near me (not his store). It's a job and all work is noble. but, the pay stinks. From what they are telling me though, there could be some future advancment there for me. And they could be blowing smoke up my butt too. I went through orientation thursday start my regular work there on monday morning.
    advantages: 7 miles from home mostly country roads, 15 minute commute.

    Yesterday I was out for the day. One of my former employers competitors left 2 messages on my machine. The guy even left his home phone number for me to call him. Now I left my former employer in part due health concerns over cleaning chemicals (trichlorethelene) they were using. They possibly were a factor in my sudden develpment of moderatly severe asthma. Since leaving my old shop I've been in several other shops with no breathing problems. I've only been in one that gave me trouble while I was there. If I return to my old shop to visit, my breathing becomes difficult within 15 minutes and lasts for a day even though I've left the place. I've also managed to get off 2 of the 3 medications I was taking while working in the shop.
    advantage: $12.00-$15.00 an hour to start + a decent benefit package, A fixed schedule for work hours.
    disadvantages: 30 mile heavy traffic commute lasting 40-60 minutes each way. Possible return of health problems. The guy leaving his home number makes me suspicious that he's desparate, and I wonder why, especially in this economy, decent inspectors are a dime a dozen.

    I'm feeling the temptation to take the lazy mans route and go back to being a QC inspector. Unfortunately that could possibly jeapordize the friendship of the guy that called a favor to get me the job. I've managed to keep myself going for 4 months. I've been tardy with a couple bills, but haven't missed any. I'd keep doing that if I stay with Wally world. The commute to and from the machine shop would take away much of the time I have to pursue that endevor. There is also the health factor in the back of my mind. I could go back into the machine shop and have insurance, but the job itself would be the cause of most of the need for insurance. I can get some illness insurance from walmart for $15.00 evey 2 weeks.

    My fiance' Bev's oppinion is I should stick with what I have and build up the online antique business and keep doing odd jobs. Using the summer of work at WalMart as an opportunity to pour money into the business. Getting it built up to where it could support us by itself.

    What would you do???

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    I have type 4 cancer. They removed 90% of my tongue and replaced it with part of my thigh so now my tongue is huge. They also removed cancer from my lyphnodes in my neck. I am doing ok now. I can not eat or drink and i am on a feeding tube. I am scheduled for surgery in April to reduce my tongue size because it is huge.
    The doctors told me that i can eat or drink now but i just can not swallow. I cant get anything past my tongue and i am scared of choking. My wife is giving me a hard time because she wants me back to my old self. I am tired of milk through my feeding tube. I just can not get motivated to eat or drink. I have to start soon just not sure how. Any ideas? David
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    Has anyone in here ever been invited somewhere, and then be unvited by someone else that would be attending the same place?
    Sad to say, but this happened to me. I ended up not going because I do not like conflict.

    Life is too short. You only live once, why not have fun living it.
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    My mom, step dad and two of my cousins, Shannon and Traci, and I went for a crotch rocket ride in the Smokies mountains. We were followed by my boyfriend and the rest of my family in a Surburban.
    I was riding one my mom lend to me. I'm a decent, not great, but decent rider, but since I was on a strange road and on a bike I didn't know I was very careful. My mom, step dad and cousins on the other had were trying to out do one another. They were getting very crazy. My boyfriend sees this and decides I can't get a bike cause he thinks I'll get hurt. Since I'm being careful on my bike, he thinks I'm not a skilled rider. It didn't help when my mom tells him she averages one to two wrecks a year. Then Shannon jumps in with her crash stories.
    Truth is I would never ride like my mom or cousins. They are just plain crazy. I do hate the way my mom rides and I do get afraid she's going to get hurt, but it's in her blood. She gets a new bike every two years or so. When she trades them in it's nothing for her to have 70K plus miles on one.
    So what would you do? Would you go against him and get a bike anyway? I'm thinking I will, but could this be a bad idea. If I get one I'm getting a 1300, not a wussie 600 I was riding that day. I'm thinking if I get one I'm going to keep it at my dad's and hide it from him.
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    I have a nephew by marriage. He is 24 and not very bright. All his life his mom has been an enabler. Any time he gets into trould she bails him out. He was kicked out of the Army, lost a great job with Coca Cola, knocked up a chick and other dumb moves in the last few years.

    He moves in as a roommate of a girl he barely knows on Sat. Wednesday night her ex boyfriend breaks in and starts to beat her--and tells him to stay out of it or he will kill him. What does my nephew do? Nothing!! The punk then steals the girls car. My nephew couldn't get ahold of mommy at 2:30am so he calls my wife saying theres an emergency and can he come over. She says ok. When he gets here I learn more and ask why didn't he protect the girl and her the least he could have called the cops. He just shruggs and says he will have to move. I go to bed and tell the wife if he is here when I get home from work tomorrow we are going to have an issue.

    She calls her sister(his mom) to let her know what happened. She also told her we would not let him stay here as we dont want his drama. He didnt even know if the punk had followed him to my house[:(!] So now my sister in law is pissed at me because I won't let him stay. So sad too damn bad I say. Im not going to enable his poor choices. The cops did catch the guy and his bail was set at $100K for 4 felony charges.

    Thank goodness the rest of my nephews are decent, upstanding adults and not wannabe thugs
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    Problem solved. I have a new bank.
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    I was talking to one of the branch managers of the company I work for
    the other day, (we work in different states) we frequently chat about
    our firearms, he asked me if santa brought me the OU I was talking about
    I told him no, I would have to go shopping for one, but now I am leaning
    toward a semi auto (a cheap one) Well out of the clear blue he
    offers to give me his New Remington 11-87! I told him I would buy it, he
    said no he would rather give it to someone who would use it! (and I
    will!) I am still kind of in shock [:D]! The gun is on its way to me now
    and I have been thinking of sending him a thank you gift of some kind
    anybody have any suggestions?[?]

    Welcome to America...Now speak English.
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    So, as a new pistol owner (well later today i will be) i was thinking about what i am getting myself into lol, and ran a scenario through my head.
    Bear with me here, i am new to this..
    Let's say i am in an unfamiliar area, and (god forbid)am assaulted, and am forced to use deadly force. Then let's say a crowd hears the shot(s), and comes outside to see what's going on. I would not feel comfortable hanging around. What if they guy's brother comes out? What about friends, family. No matter if i was justified or not, they are not gonna be happy with me, that's for sure.
    Could i flee the area, call the cops, and give them my cell number, with instructions to call me when they arrive? Then i could come back.
    What would you do? I'd be especially interested in hearing from a police officer on if they think this would be a wise way to handle the situation.
    Thanks for any thoughts.
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    Guy wins an auction of mine and then changes his mind after he talks to a buddy. Wants to change to a different item if I have it. I checked and I honestly did not. He then sends another e-mail, asking to change his item won in for another one I have for sale. I make him an offer on that "swap". No-go for him, now he wants me to, his words, "cancel my auction because GB has cancelled his acct. anyway."!![:0][:0]

    Yeah its a NR bidder.

    So, now, what would you do?
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    I know what I will do, but I am curious as to what everyone else would do.

    Supposed you found a 9 year old home that you liked and made an offer that was accepted. Then suppose another house came on the market that was 10% cheaper, BRAND new (a previous deal fell through), same builder as the one you are buying too and in a neighborhood that you liked better for a VERY comparable house.

    Ok now suppose there is a contract technically that you could use to legally get out of the original contract with no (financial) liability.

    What would you do?
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    First off before anybody gets the wrong impression WE PASSED THIS UP!

    Here in PA we had an early deer season overlap with small game. me and the boy hung up the big guns and decided to go chase squirrel for the rest of the afternoon, deer just wasnt moving. While we are sneaking around the woods teaching the boy the art of stalking squirrels (this is really fun[:D]) we jumped a big fat doe at close to 30 yards, she got up and just stood there looking at us. Now here we stand with doe tags, early doe season is on but we have .22s, not legal for shooting deer. Now I have done this 100 times on the farms out to 100 yards, further with a .22 mag and I feel as confident shooting a deer in the head with a .22 as Aglore shooting one with a .338[:D]. The boy wispered to me about what to do, I stood there with my brain going 100MPH, gun slowly coming up but changed my mind, made a snorting sound and scared her off.

    I coulda shot her, I coulda let the boy shoot her but didn't. I wanted his first deer to be done right and i didnt want him to see me breaking the law although he knows all about the culling I have done on farms and has been there for a couple trips but this is different. This is a true hunting trip, not a "shoot all you can" with a spotlight and a .22.

    The boy was a little disapointed in seeing her walk away, I was a little upset since we have been hunting all day for a deer and just when we give up this happens. I explained to him that it just wouldnt be right and besides, he wants to shoot one with that dang 30-30.

    Should we have nailed her or was I right in letting it walk off?

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    My dad is 73 and in good health but every time i see him he is trying to give me some of his guns. About half of them are mine from when i was a kid. I got 3 a year from 6 untill i was 18. I left my guns and other things at his house when i went in the Air Force. I dont feel comfortable taking things from him even though some of the things are mine. He says take them that i will get them when he dies anyway. I already have all of the guns i need. What would you do? Thanks David
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    the lost full auto thread got me thinking. you hear stories every now and then about someone redoing a house and finding something in the walls, or attic, or they go to tear down a fence and find something cached by one of the posts.

    if you were the lucky one to find say a cache of weapons, or a single weapon, would you try to turn it in, knowing in the back of your mind that it could have come from anywhere? keep in mind your find could be the key to an unsolved murder or anything. do you find the authorities or does your collection grow and your mouth stay shut?

    my theory is finders keepers. i think if i was on that road crew, we would have some serious talkin about how we were going to split up our find.

    maybe thats why it got turned in, they couldnt agree to who gets what.
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