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Thank You GB Forum Members!

Ruger4meRuger4me Member, Moderator Posts: 2,337 ******

Well it took awhile, but I finally got here, close to the finish line. I posted this about 8 months ago:

And after trial and errors (see pics below) my lower kit and PSA upper should be arriving by Monday.

So first off against your recommendations in the above post and this other:

where I asked about jigs.

I tried to go cheaper and got a drill press jig... bad idea, I'm sure some folks can make that happen, but me, not so much, I had another post where I had to get help from y'all when the bit broke off in the 80% lower, but with the purchase of a dremel got over that hurdle... anyways then the chuck kept coming off (because they are not for milling) and I put the "build" on hold for awhile... finally bit the bullet and sprung for a new router jig which I got about a week ago. I figured I'd learn on the first one I tried with the other jig so this picture is of it in the new jig before starting with the router.

yeah it was a mess, but figured even if it ain't useable I'll learn how the jig & router work...

Here is the results! I still have to drill the 3 holes for trigger and safety in it but I'm pretty sure it will be useable. We will find out early next week when I put it all together with the lower kit and upper I'm expecting from PSA. I have a few more to play with but I'm happy with how this is turning out. I'll post results in future and a range report soon.

Here are afters pics without the 3 holes, I got too excited and took out of the jig to clean it and look at it then realized I'm not done. doh! tomorrow I drill the holes.

Thanks again for the support from all you folks!


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